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¡Aventureros al Tren! El Juego de Cartas

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¡Aventureros al Tren! El Juego de Cartas
DURACIÓN: 90 min. JUGADORES: 3 a 7 EDAD: 10+ IDIOMA: Inglés
Shadows over Camelot - The Card Game, is a fast-paced game that invites you to take on the role of sons & daughters of the legendary Knights of the Round Table who unite to defeat the game itself, represented by a deck of Rumor cards that threaten to overwhelm Camelot.

Like the original Shadows over Camelot board game, players cooperate to dispel rumors and complete quests. But, once again, there may be Traitors in their midst.

Rumor cards are played and when players think the time is right, they embark on Quests to earn White Swords to advance their cause... But if the quest fails, Black Swords will fall and lead to the groups demise.

Shadows over Camelot - The Card Game is for 1-7 players ages 8+ and takes about 20 minutes to play

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